Home/Office Blessings

HOME: It is very important you clean your house or apartment with spiritual light of immense power so that all negative energies stuck in the walls are vibrated out of existence. Some cultures burn sage and/or other plants, but the most efficient is “spiritual light” cleansing. If you have experienced a period of sadness or negativity, a House Clearing can clean this energy from your living space and help you to move forward in your life. Some homes may have used the past for dark purposes. These energies linger – acting as “spiritual parasites” who derive joy by draining energies of current residents without them realizing that these entities – even altering their behavior. Jude helps to clean this up and places a screen of protection around the home to deter future attacks on you and your family.OFFICE: An office blessing, or clearing can clean out the old energies remaining from the previous owners or tenants. Jude will then fill the space with new positive energy and offer a complimentary healing session to align you with this new energy. An office blessing/clearing can also be used to seal off your workplace from unwanted outside influences.